Ohr Gani is a unique deeply enriching and inspirational retreat experience. Yeshiva means “a place of sitting”, a place to sit and meditate and return to you true nature. You can come for an inspiring weekend, a week long retreat or even spend a couple of academic years with us. Ohr Gani is an invitation for you to discover deeper meaning in your life, to take time to unwind and connect with your inner wisdom as well as getting your hands dirty and growing your own organic food on our small permaculture eco farm.

field of dreams - ohrgani

Our retreats include: guided meditation, yoga, relaxation, spirtual life coaching, personal development talks and workshops as well as practical hands on organic farming.

Come and experience a deeply meaningful approach to authentic purposeful living, serving as a real example of a way of being in the world which lovingly respects the Earth and all its inhabitants.

We serve healthy organic vegan and vegetarian food, grown on our working farm and/or from local Organic farms that we volunteer at and work in partnership with.

Rabbi MaxOur retreats focus on your personal spiritual healing and development, based on the unique and highly positive teachings and tools developed by renownd Spiritual Life Coach Rabbi Max Kohanzad.

We emphasise something called “deep ecology”, which is the pragmatic integration of Spirituality in the world.

You’ll have opportunities to experience eco building, permaculture, leaning about organic farming and the benefits of biodiversity, volunteering and visits to local organic farms, and small scale organic food production companies and a social action program.

Joseph Volentering at Incredible Farm

Our retreats will encourage you to think, feel and experience the benefits of a deeply positive spiritual practice and to enquire with an open and academically critical mind, to ask questions and also discover answers of your own.

We also focus on creativity and the arts not only as a form of expression but as a part of each individuals’ personal development, with classes and workshops in creative writing, visual art, poetry, music, sacred dance and yoga, we aim to integrate the whole person into a deeply meaningful and enriching retreat experience.

We offer classes, meditation sessions and spiritual development courses from weekend retreats, ten day vepassna, three week summer program, all the way up to our full two year academic courses.


Join us for a beautiful retreat:

It’s a beautiful and intimate space. Set in Hale Barns, we will be taking walks in nature and resting in the fields in and around the retreat. It’s an ideal chance to breathe and focus on becoming more relaxed, spiritually centred and balanced. It is an opportunity to reassess your life, discover your souls path, and a chance to focus on cultivating your own happiness, inner joy and peace of mind. So when you do return to your life you can begin to live it on a higher plane, were you can be more focused, calm, and alive.

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